May 23, 2021, 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sarasota Opera House

SRB new “Aladdin” choreography comes brand new set designs and hand made costumes, another rare feature of the school. A name that may sound familiar is Dr. David Goldstein whose music will return to the stage in in May 23. Fedotov has chosen to follow the more classic story of Aladdin which is based off of 1001 Arabian Nights while still keeping the beloved characters you know and love like the Genie, Jafar, Princess Jasmine and the Magic Carpet.
New ballets are vital to the dance world as it moves into the 21st century. This is something that SRB uniquely offers its students. Along with restaging the classics, creating new roles with a choreographer is a rare opportunity that very few schools and even companies have.


Vadim Fedotov


VADIM FEDOTOV – Vadim is an internationally recognized Ballet Master, Artistic Director and Choreographer.  For over 20 years, Vadim performed as principal dancer with the National Opera and Ballet of the Ukraine, dancing leading roles in prominent performances such as Swan Lake, Giselle, Don Quixote and The Nutcracker.  Vadim has taught and choreograph at many prestigious institutions, including The National Theater of Ballet and Opera in Kiev, Ukraine, National Theatre of Serbia, the Dance Academy of Ukraine, Orlando Ballet FL, Moscow Ballet on Ice and was the General Director of the Chamber of Ballet in Kiev, Kiev Ballet on Ice. He has produced numerous films (musicals) in the Ukraine and has been awarded multiple professional and state honors, including Honor of the Supreme Soviet Council of Ukraine 1985, Honor Artist of Ukraine and Laureate International Choreographer for competitions in Moscow and Kiev. He also choreographed opening Olympics Ceremony in USSR in 1980. Vadim Fedotov productions in USA include Moscow Ballet on Ice in Cypress Gardens, FL Orlando Ballet, Orlando City Ballet, Russian Academy of Ballet, Lone Star Ballet, Elsa Pardo Dance Center, International City School of Ballet, Lakeland Ballet, Montgomery Ballet, Russian Ballet of Alafaya, Orlando Russian Ballet, and School of Russian Ballet.

David Goldstein


David Goldstein was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. He began piano lessons at the age of four and soon after discovered a passion for composition. He has piano performance and also composition and theory degrees from the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto). He cultured a love for the ballet by regularly attending performances of the renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet. He went on to study medicine and completed his training at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has divided his time between the practice of the specialty of Pulmonary Medicine (lung diseases) and writing music for dance.

His ballets have been performed throughout Florida and have been played by the Florida West Coast Symphony.

Ballet companies performing his works have included the Bay Ballet Theatre, Dance Alive, Boca Ballet, Maximum Dance, Southern Ballet Theatre and the Sarasota Ballet.

His full length ballets have included: 12 Dancing Princesses, Snow White, Snow Shaker Past, Yokiyu, The Gate, Gaspar, Dracula, Three Musketeers, After Glo Vista, Gaugy Concerto, Zal and Rudabeh (with the Florida West Coast Symphony), Madame Butterfly, Gigabyte, Ca D’Zan (with the Ringling Circus), Poe the ballet and Last Call along with many other shorter works.

In October 2011, his new ballet, “Phantom” was performed by the Brandywine Ballet Company in Westchester, Pa.

He has worked with Carlos Dos Santos on three new works just this year, “Modern” with Houston Ballet 2, “Jazz Suite” with the Careno Festival and now “Seasons” at CUNY.

He is currently practicing medicine and writing music in Sarasota, Florida

Guest Artists

Douglas Horne

danced professionally after studying on full scholarships with American Ballet Theatre (New York),

Miami City Ballet (Miami, FL), and Studio Maestro (New York). In June 2010 he was the Bronze Medal

winner in the World Ballet Competition: and in June

2009 he was a finalist in The New York International Ballet Competition. Additionally, he was a semi-finalist

in the renowned International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. He won Gold in the senior classical

division of the Youth American Grand Prix semifinals in Torrington, CT. In 2007 he won the Gold Medal in the senior

division of the Youth Dance Festival in New Jersey. Mr. Horne has danced leading roles with the Orlando Ballet.

Brooke Wasserman

Born in Marlborough, CT. After receiving a scholarship toward her summer studies she trained at The Sarasota Ballet Academy in Sarasota, FL under the direction of Adrian Ciobanu following her initial education with founding company member Yseult Leger at the age of 12.  While studying, she was invited to perform with The Sarasota Ballet. In 2008 she enrolled in the State University of New York at Purchase College where she had the opportunity to perform as a part of  Dancer’s Responding to AIDS at the Joyce Theater NYC. She was also a member of the Purchase Dance Corps performing several BFA and MFA contemporary works. In 2010 she moved to Connecticut to study with famed ballet master Alexei Tchernichov and dance with Hartford City Ballet and CONNetic Dance. 

Martin Roosaare 
Originally from Estonia, Martin began his training with Miami Valley Ballet Theatre at eight years old. He later went on to study ballet at Virginia School of the Arts and then De La Arts in Cincinnati Ohio. He furthered his education at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music studying ballet and various other forms of dance. Martin most recently danced with Balletmet in Columbus Ohio for seven seasons. His favorite roles there were Peter Pan in Michael Pink’s Peter Pan, Sailor in Jerome Robbins Fancy Free and the lead in Edwaard Liang’s Beautiful Child. He is now a freelance ballet dancer and teacher based in Sarasota Florida. 

Joel Selva Benito

Originally from Spain.

DANCE TRAINING: Institut del Teatre (Barcelona) 2009-2012

Centre de Dansa de Catalunya 2012-2014

Corella Dance Academy 2014-2016

Ballettschule Theater Basel 2016-2017

The Washington Ballet – Trainee

COMPANY EXPERIENCE: The Washington Ballet

The Sarasota Ballet

“Aladdin” Cast list

Aladdin: Douglas Horne
Jasmine: Brooke Wasserman
Jafar: Joel Selva
Genie: Martin Roosaare

Cave Enchantress: Nina Giraldo
Market Place: Gabriella Bunch, Lilly Wheeler, Callie Sudsberry, Caitlin Keenan, Bella Borst, Milana MailaenderGarcia, Miroslava Chursina, Maria Silveira, Sarah Metzler
Jar Dancers
: Nina Giraldo, Meagan Michalik, Rebecca Kimsey, Alaina Kimsey
Children: Ariana Silliman, Ashlyn Silliman, Katalina Payne
Sellers: Lucy Adkins, Donna Gillaspy, Katherine Tanner, Kathleen Powers, Sandra Roberts,
Guards: Claire Barbier, Sasha Tyler, Starlla Jackson, Madalyn Miles, Vivian Hugill, Riley Becker, Sofia Llambs,
Sophie Koloney, Zoe Sena, Giselle Sena, Valentina Oviedo-Fajardo

Ravens: Vanessa Morris, Kenzington Bauer, Natalia Peno, Brielle Paradis, Olivia Llambes, Ella Walker, Emily
Pailer, Naomi Hugill, Sophia Rabinovich, Lily Jones, Abigail Applebaum
Snakes: Bella Brost, Gabriella Bunch, Lilly Wheeler, Milana Mailaender-Garcia, Miroslava Chursina, Callie
Gold: Meagan Michalik, Sarah.Metzler, Anna Parrish, Rebecca Kimsey, Alaina Kimsey, Caitlin Keenan
Spiders: Sophia Gambrell, Mila Crowe, Sophia Schindle, Zoe Pelicano,, Kinley Giltner, Leah Witchey, Ivy Lane,
Cecilia Gay, Caroline White
Genies: Ivy Lane, Mira Petrone, Lily Abrams, Mackenzie Shinn, Sophia Gambrel, Kinley Giltner,
Mila Crowe, Sophia Schindler, Zoe Pelicano
Thoughts: Claire Barbier, Sasha Tyler, Madalyn Miles, Vivian Hugill, Starlla Jackson, Zoe Sena, Giselle Sena
Riley Becker, Sofia Llambs, Valentina Oviedo-Fajardo, Sophie Koloney

Military: Nina Giraldo, Anna Parrish, Sarah Metzler, Bella Brost, Meagan Michalik, Rebecca Kimsey, Alaina
Kimsey, Callie Sudsberry, Caitlin Keenan, Lilly Wheeler, Miroslava Chursina

Peacocks: Sarah Metzler, Milana Mailaender-Garcia, Anna Parrish, Maria Silveira
Arabian: Rebecca Kimsey
Bridesmaids: Nina Giraldo, Alaina Kimsey, Rebecca Kimsey, Bella Brost, Meagan Michalik, Caitlin Keeenan,
Lilly Wheeler, Callie Sudsberry, Miroslava Chursina, Gabriella Bunch